Link building is the major part of search engine optimization that will make a big difference in your website ranking!


There are a few different ways to link building. The easiest way to link is the reciprocal link exchange. You point a link to my website, and I will point a link to your website. You exchange text preference through email, and that’s it. It’s that simple but not the best. Reciprocal link exchange almost cancels each other’s out, therefore, you want to mix it up.

One way link is the best but very hard to find. One way to go about this is to find link directories that will let you post a link without asking for a link exchange but again online directories are not the best places to exchange links. Some of those link directories might even ask you for a small one time or yearly fee of a few dollars while other will only ask for a reciprocal link. This is where you want to be careful because search engines regard many of those directories, as link farms. Posting a link on your site pointing to a link directory, there is a good chance that it will eventually hurt your website ranking results.

Another way to go about one-way link is to find a few partners that are willing to swap links with others only pointing in one direction. This would take at least three websites where #1 points the link to #2 and #2 points the link to # 3 and #3 points the link back to #1. The latter would also be called a three-way link. This can be done with as many link partners as you want but mix it up, don’t always follow the same direction and do not over do it.

If you like to write you can submit writing articles. All you have to do is find some websites that accept articles in your field. You do have to be a good writer but there are a lot of news sites and blogs or forums that you can participate in that will let you place a link back to your site. Just make sure that they don’t use the “no follow” command, otherwise it would all be for nothing.

Link Building is a Tough Job!

Although finding good and relevant link partners can be a discouraging task because good sites to link in any field are sometime hard to find, but link building will make a big difference in promoting your website.

Important Link Building Facts

When link building you have to consider whom you link to – who is linking to you – who links to them – how relevant their website is – what kind of Google Page Rank they have and foremost important you have to make sure that they are respectable sites because dark sites can affect the ranking results.

Link Management Tip

In addition, you should keep or maintain a track record of where and when you exchanged links.

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