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What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Simply put, if your content changes more than once every month, you need to get a Content Management System or CMS. While changing a static HTML site requires knowledge of web programming, CMS offers layman to edit, create and upload content like a pro and the result is professional every time.

Some features of a CMS:

All important content stored in database
All content area fully editable and manageable
Open up for your customers to contribute content
Site layout is fully customizable by you!
Upload and use your own images anywhere on your content or site
Add a forum/survey/poll or capture contact info on the fly
Multimedia capable – images, music, videos
Role based access control – protect some or all directories from non-members
Smart site monitor alerts you when important events occur on your site
Revert back to a previous version of your document with one click
Enterprise class search functionality on all your documents and content
If you can use Microsoft Word, we can create professional looking content with in-built editor

You Have Full Administrative Control

Change order of content – news, FAQs, Articles etc.
Generate newsflash from your content dynamically
Create and edit content from anywhere in the world
Create unlimited content, categories and sub-categories
Visual media repository – edit images on the server
CMS will know where things are so you never have to worry about correct links
Drip-feed your website news and rss feeds from around the world automatically
All content can be emailed, printed or made into pdf with NO intervention from you
What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor for visually editing content
Change the look and feel of your website to match your taste
Polls/Surveys – Now put a different one on each page
Thousands of modules to add to your site and most are FREE
Change the entire site with one click by changing the template
Layout preview. See how it looks before publishing
Banner Ad Manager. Sell space on your site to advertisers including Google

Our CMS-Platform features:

A fully customized CMS solution
WYSIWYG Editing Tools at your finger tips
You are the boss of your content
Lock out content that is being Editing by others – prevent data loss
Full-Service Multi-media management
Document version management
Document archiving facility
Enterpise class ACL (access control list)
And much much more..

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